KellyO'Donnell2A designer from Saint Paul, Minnesota that lived her entire life in the Twin Cities until she moved up to Saint Cloud, MN where she graduated from St. Cloud State University with a BFA in graphic design and a minor in the Spanish language. During this experience I learned that design is a universal tool used to help people understand a subject matter. My goal is to help people comprehend and express themselves to the world.

Growing up in the cities has affected my design and perspective of life immensely. As a kid I used to watch the train that transported cars to the Ford Motor plant drive by my parent’s house. The words, phrases and images on the train always peaked my interest. My Grandfather was also a huge influence to me. He was a wood craftsman and I used to watch him make quirky pieces with 70’s era type.

Photography and videography has been a huge passion of mine since I was 10 years old. I’ve always gravitated to imagery and capturing people and events in the frame. I love that I can take my knowledge of type and intersect it with photo and video. Using video and photography in conjunction with my design skills is so satisfying to me.

I love design but also have lots of other interests. I am a certified yoga instructor that loves to bring holistic ideas into my desk life. The outdoors keeps me centered because there is nothing better than standing on your head in the pure beauty of the outdoors. Any activities related to art, photography, nature, food, music, language and culture will keep me interested. One could say that I simply enjoy and appreciate life. Enjoy exploring my website.

Photo taken by Ken Friberg

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